Speakers and Experts

Our NAMI AOP Annual meeting and Pot Luck

Our NAMI AOP Annual meeting and Pot Luck is a wonderful  way to meet and greet the movers and shakers of our NAMI AOP, hear our past achievements and future plans and see where you might benefit, fit in, become more active,  or just listen and find hope.  A hot roast, turkey, chicken and/or ham will be supplied.  We ask you to bring a dish to pass or just come if the dish to pass is an difficulty for you.    We will give out awards and thank you’s to those who have done so much this past year to advance our mission.  (the first Tuesday in January)

Kevin Hoyle

Kevin Hoyle, Executive Director of AOP Mental Health   The AOP Mental Health Center is funded by the SC Department of Mental Health and can be our first line of defense when dealing with a Mental Illness. 

Mr. Hoyle will answer questions such as: How can we utilize the services provided more effectively. What course of action do we have if we do not receive the treatment we believe need? What kind of back log do you have in providing services. What can we do personally to make recovery from mental illness a positive and long lasting experience.  Will AOP Mental Health provide DNA testing to help consumers speed up the process of finding the right medication that works most efficiently?

Mr. Hoyle has been a member of NAMI AOP and provided support to us in the past.  As our members are becoming more proactive about their recover, Mr. Hoyle is becoming more proactive to insure your recovery is a successful as possible. (November 1, 2016)

Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin, a DBT therapist at Clarify Counseling in Greenville. Jamie’s presentation is “Radically Open DBT: Can We Have Too Much Self Control?” Jamie is a graduate of Clemson University with a Masters and Educational Specials degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  In order to further he knowledge of DBT, Mrs. Martin received intensive DBT training from Linehan-trained therapists.  She provides comprehensive DBT an evidence-based treatment to both adolescents and adults.    She joined the Three Springs DBT team & Clarify Counseling in July of 2015.  (September 6, 2016)

Lynda Sykes

Lynda Sykes - PharmD, BCPS, BCPP Lynda is a Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist in the Clinical University division of Greenville Health Systems—Marshall Pickens.   Lynda is often a guest speaker bringing us down to earth common sense approach to medicinal intervention in mental illness recovery.   This is a great opportunity to ask questions concerning pharmaceuticals, side-effects and alternative possibilities.   (October 4, 2016)

Other speaker/education topics

“Neurotransmitters and Brain Health”, “Under the Thinking Cap”,  “Integrative Medicine”   

Do you have a speaker in mind that would be helpful for those of us desiring information and networking on mental illness recovery?   Please email:  Dee@namiaop.org