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Ending the Silence (ETS)

“Ending the Silence: Teaching the Next Generation About Mental Illness” is an educational package designed to teach students on three grade levels, upper elementary, middle school, and high school about serious mental illness. This easy to use package uses stories to humanize serious mental illness and teach that these illnesses are no-fault brain disorders. Students also examine the role the media plays in perpetuating stigma.

Posters, included in the package, teach the warning signs of mental illness. In addition, each educational package includes learning activities with cross-cultural ties, annotated bibliographies, web sites, and resource organizations that students can use to delve into the topic at greater depth.

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Parents and Teachers as Allies

Parents and Teachers as Allies is a two hour in-service mental health education program for school professionals. The program focuses on helping school professionals and families within the school community understand the early warning signs of mental illness in children and adolescents and how best to intervene to link the youth with services. It also covers the lived experience of mental illness and how schools can best communicate with families about mental health related concerns.

The components of the program include Welcome and Introduction, Early Warning Signs of Mental Illnesses, Family Response, Experiencing Symptoms of Mental Illness, and a Group Discussion. The trained teaching team includes an educational professional, who is also a family member and introduces the topics to be covered, a facilitator who walks the school professional through the early warning signs of mental illnesses, a parent or caregiver of a child experiencing symptoms of mental illness covers the predictable stages of emotional reactions among family members who are raising a child experiencing symptoms of mental illness, and a mental health consumer who shares what it’s like to experience the early onset of mental illness.

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